About us

The Complete Holistic Approach is the brainchild of Henk Niermans and Laura van der Velden. Over the years the duo has built up a powerful collection of holistic resources, so they decided to collaborate in a joint venture that would enable others to benefit from their knowledge.


Henk, who lives in Wales, began researching holistic remedies when his wife Laura was diagnosed with fibroids in early 2009. She had a hysterectomy in February 2010 but later scans showed that the cancer had already spread to her uterus. In December 2010, doctors broke the sad news that Laura had “missed the boat”.

Still frantically searching the internet for holistic remedies, Henk discovered that Vitamin C may help his wife, so he gave it to Laura in high doses intravenously. As Laura was a nurse she showed him how to do this.

The Vitamin C began working. Laura’s appetite began to increase and she had more energy, but her GP intervened and pressurised the couple to stop the Vitamin C treatments. Sadly once the treatments were stopped, Laura’s health deteriorated rapidly and in July 2011, she died. She was only 57 years old.

Henk regretted giving into the pressure of the GP and he was determined not to let all his research go to waste. So he decided to set up a website that would help others to improve their health and cure their illnesses. He discussed his idea with Laura van der Velden, an expert in holistic treatments and recipes, who had known the couple for 18 years.

Laura van der Velden is from the Netherlands and she lives in Wales. She is passionate about holistic health. For years, Laura has been gathering information, and advising friends and family on how to treat different ailments and make their own holistic remedies.

Despite having a huge library of herbal books, Laura was frustrated that she was unable to access a complete resource containing all the information she needed. So to make life easier, she put together an encyclopaedia and the result was a complete resource which is simple to use and update.

When Henk and Laura first began discussing the possibility of a website, they were amazed at how much inaccurate information they saw on the internet on holistic health. There were so many misleading and inaccurate websites designed to sell expensive fad products.

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