In Nature we now have “The Sign of Renewal”.

First there is the promise: the vitality of nature is concentrated in seeds, roots and buds. Than the blossoming: seeds jump open and let their germs go through the often still half frozen earth. The young green is fragile and strong at the same time. There is a huge growth force behind those germs, who sometimes even by the smallest crack in the asphalt presses itself upwards.

You can’t keep the different plants apart in this first stage; they all have two round germ leaves. Just as foetuses of different animals who, in the first instance, all still look the same. But in every germ the concept is already decided of the major plant he will be. And also the power that the plant will need to grow. Everything is in “The Sign of Renewal”.

Even centuries-old trees get a hint of fresh young green. Sturdy branches are wearing delicate blossoms. Fledgling leaves shine of the ‘ baby oil ‘, other still cherish in soft ‘feathers’ like leaves. Both are appealing enough to want to touch it. Chestnut buds are even protected by a downy ‘ layer ‘.

Buds growing, eggs are cracking open, chicks and lambs see the light of life. Wear the Snowdrops still hang with the bent cup and the heart orientated to the earth, the Crocuses are already formed flowers. But then the sunny Daffodils come. They are opening entirely and give their heart free in the form of a Crown in the flower.

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