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Forgiveness: Why This Is So Important

Many people have learned to fight against negative feelings or even hide them away. You could be finding yourself to continue to walk around with a powerless dark feeling, which also drives you away from yourself. You will first have to acknowledge your own feelings and a give them a spot, so you then can move on to forgiveness.
The right order in doing this is first to forgive yourself and then the other. It helps if you are aware that everyone makes mistakes and need the chance to learn from that mistake. It also helps if you recognize from which powerlessness, restrictions, sadness or pain someone had acted when he hurt you. You can view the other as a (learning) person and thus, he or she becomes less of an ‘ enemy ‘ or ‘ offender ‘. If you can feel compassion, you can let the accusation go, from there it is only a small step towards forgiveness.

When you have forgiven yourself and the other, it offers you a new opportunity and space to make a clean start. For some people, this has meant they could finally move on after years of struggling. All of a sudden there was a new job opportunity or they finally found a new place to live and make new friends. In fact, they were able to pick up their lives and move on!

The old saying is very true, when one door closes; another one opens.

A nice extra feature: from American research it shows that forgiving people are healthier, and they feel better. For example, they are less nervous, restless and depressed. This is than truly a great start of the New Episode in Your Life.

So now is the perfect time to start to forgive yourself and the other. Not because Christmas time is coming, but because you were reading this.

Try it, It is liberating!



How can Yoga help you with your health problem?

There are a lot of people who are crazy about yoga. The reason why most people do yoga is that it makes them feel better, and it gets them into shape. The different poses and postures help to make your body healthy. Yoga is for most people, the best way to relax and unwind. If your aim is to keep your body in shape, this might be the best exercise for you.

Did you know that yoga is good to fight of certain illness? There have been numerous research, which proved that yoga helps you to control anxiety, reduces asthma, arthritis, blood pressure, back pain, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, epilepsy, diOffice Worker Meditating at Work Reducing Stress Levelsabetes, headaches, stress and many more.

Yoga has a lot of benefits and advantages. All in a day’s work, it can reduce tension and stress. Of course after a heavy day, you will feel that your muscles have been stuck up, and you will feel wasted.

If you do yoga, your self esteem will be higher. It is important to gain more confidence inside and out so that you can face people with no worries.

Yoga is good for the body in increasing your muscle tone, strength, endurance and flexibility.
If you are too fat and conscious about your body figure, yoga can help you lower your fat and keep your body in shape. Yoga exercises can burn excess fat and give you the desired figure that you want.

If you need time to relax and forget your responsibilities, yoga will be good to improve your concentration and enhance your creativity. Yoga will help you to think in a more positive way. If you have a fresh mind, you can think of good things and apply it easily.

Your body needs to relax once in a while. Sometimes, work can leave us wasted and exhausted. During the heavy days, we may not find time to unwind because work is still on our mind. Yoga can help you create a sense of calmness and well being.

Yoga exercise helps you improve a good circulation. Your organs and veins need to be exercised for it to function properly. Yoga can help stimulate your immune system and keep diseases at bay. If you have a good immune system, you can be sure that you are free from sickness.

Some people do yoga to be enlightened. They believe that yoga will help them bring up their spirit and keep them relieved. Yoga works differently for everyone, be it spiritual, emotional, psychological, mental and physical.

People think that yoga is only for spiritual people. But that belief is wrong. Even if you are not that religious, you can still do yoga. You will see and feel the difference at the same time. Find out how it works for you.

Due to the pressure and demands of life, we become stressed out, and we forget the essence of life. We tend to lose touch with the ones we used to spend time with, even ourselves.

We find that we are, most of the time, having to deal with deadlines and the hassle of keeping up with the paste of life. This leaves us a small time to wander and have that physical awareness.

These are the few things that yoga can provide. Find time to dedicate a part of it to yourself to relax and unwind in a way only yoga can give you.Man Performing Yoga by Lake

Go With The Flow

You know how it goes. After winter comes spring and sunshine after rain. Yet the first buds, the first blossoms, the first strawberries, the first day at the beach, the first chestnuts and colorful autumn leaves or the first snow of the year is every time a surprise. Each season lasts long enough to totally get accustom to it. And if it’s a good summer, or a good winter then you usually are ready for the next season, with its own color, smell and character.

The seasons have a huge influence on our lives. Though in this age of urbanisation, technology, twenty-four hour economy and stress, our connection with nature is no longer so obvious anymore. That is a pity, because each season has its own quality and strength and you can make use of that. Who is alienated from nature, is also alienated from themselves; After all, you are part of it. Not only the nature around us changes with the seasons, we ourselves change as well. Your needs and capabilities vary by season and have a natural rhythm. In the spring you feel differently than in the fall. In the winter you think differently than in the summer. If you are aware of that, you can connect to that and do the things as much as possible on the right moment.

The great thing is that nature gives you exactly what you need in every season. That goes for your diet. That goes for your care. And it also applies to a psychological or mental level. For the one who understands nature can start living by the flow of the season which tells you what your best attitude is during that season. By doing so you can achieve a strong emotional en psychological level.

If you go with the season, you won’t stubbornly swim against the natural rhythm, but you let yourself be carried by it. And you can be confident that during the cycle of a year, everything is that is important will come to your attention. ‘Go with the flow ‘, is the saying. Who can succeed that, will lose no energy, but receive it.

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