Forgiveness: Why This Is So Important

Many people have learned to fight against negative feelings or even hide them away. You could be finding yourself to continue to walk around with a powerless dark feeling, which also drives you away from yourself. You will first have to acknowledge your own feelings and a give them a spot, so you then can move on to forgiveness.
The right order in doing this is first to forgive yourself and then the other. It helps if you are aware that everyone makes mistakes and need the chance to learn from that mistake. It also helps if you recognize from which powerlessness, restrictions, sadness or pain someone had acted when he hurt you. You can view the other as a (learning) person and thus, he or she becomes less of an ‘ enemy ‘ or ‘ offender ‘. If you can feel compassion, you can let the accusation go, from there it is only a small step towards forgiveness.

When you have forgiven yourself and the other, it offers you a new opportunity and space to make a clean start. For some people, this has meant they could finally move on after years of struggling. All of a sudden there was a new job opportunity or they finally found a new place to live and make new friends. In fact, they were able to pick up their lives and move on!

The old saying is very true, when one door closes; another one opens.

A nice extra feature: from American research it shows that forgiving people are healthier, and they feel better. For example, they are less nervous, restless and depressed. This is than truly a great start of the New Episode in Your Life.

So now is the perfect time to start to forgive yourself and the other. Not because Christmas time is coming, but because you were reading this.

Try it, It is liberating!