Go With The Flow

You know how it goes. After winter comes spring and sunshine after rain. Yet the first buds, the first blossoms, the first strawberries, the first day at the beach, the first chestnuts and colorful autumn leaves or the first snow of the year is every time a surprise. Each season lasts long enough to totally get accustom to it. And if it’s a good summer, or a good winter then you usually are ready for the next season, with its own color, smell and character.

The seasons have a huge influence on our lives. Though in this age of urbanisation, technology, twenty-four hour economy and stress, our connection with nature is no longer so obvious anymore. That is a pity, because each season has its own quality and strength and you can make use of that. Who is alienated from nature, is also alienated from themselves; After all, you are part of it. Not only the nature around us changes with the seasons, we ourselves change as well. Your needs and capabilities vary by season and have a natural rhythm. In the spring you feel differently than in the fall. In the winter you think differently than in the summer. If you are aware of that, you can connect to that and do the things as much as possible on the right moment.

The great thing is that nature gives you exactly what you need in every season. That goes for your diet. That goes for your care. And it also applies to a psychological or mental level. For the one who understands nature can start living by the flow of the season which tells you what your best attitude is during that season. By doing so you can achieve a strong emotional en psychological level.

If you go with the season, you won’t stubbornly swim against the natural rhythm, but you let yourself be carried by it. And you can be confident that during the cycle of a year, everything is that is important will come to your attention. ‘Go with the flow ‘, is the saying. Who can succeed that, will lose no energy, but receive it.

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