How to Make a Herbal Tea

Part of the art of herbal medicine is to knowing what technique to use in preparing the remedies.
We will show you perhaps the simplest way of making a herbal remedy that almost everybody has already done before, maybe without realizing it. We are making a medicinal herbal infusion (tea) using dried herbs. If you want to replace them for fresh herbs, please keep in mind that you use 3 times as much for the fresh one. That means 1 teaspoon dried for 3 teaspoon fresh. This is because of the higher water content of the fresh herb. The tea may be drunk hot or cold.
If you normally are used to put milk or sugar in your tea, please try this first without, if you don’t like it, sweeten with licorice root or honey. Try to avoid sugar, especially white sugar because this doesn’t help you to relax.

Because of the medicinal qualities a herb has we have to be careful and should only take a herbal tea for medicinal reason, it is not meant to be drunken because we like it so much.
The best tea you can drink for pleasure are: white tea, green tea and redbush.

Standard dosage medicinal use: Take 3 times a day a teacup. The dosage for children and elderly people should be less. For elderly people use half the dosage (this because the metabolism slows down with age) and children under two years a fifth of the adult dose and let this slowly up to a quarter for children of 3 or 4 years (depending on the weight of the child), a third for children of 6 or 7 years, half of children aged 8 or 9 years, until the full dose in puberty.

1. Take a china or glass teapot which has been warmed and put one teaspoonful of the dried herb or herb mixture into it for each cup of tea that you intend to brew.

2. Pour a cup of just boiled water in the teapot for each
teaspoonful of herb that is already in the pot and then
put the lid on. Leave too steep for ten to fifteen minutes.