Introducing Angeline Thiri – NASM CPT

AngelineAngeline Thiri was born in Burma (Myanmar) but immigrated to the UK in 2007 to get her Master’s degree. Whilst staying here in the UK she discovered our western diet of packaged food, fast food and sugary drinks. Unfortunately the same thing happened to her as did with a lot of other people. In a short period of time she went from a size 8 to a size 12.

In her search for the best way to get her body back to size 8, she concluded that exercise was her best chance. Especially exercises that put a bit of pressure on the muscles (resistance training).
And here came the obstacles; being a busy woman she didn’t have the time to go to the gym, and a personal trainer at home was financially out of the question. She had hardly any room to do her exercises in and no money to buy expensive equipment. But she stuck to her goal and focused her search on weight building and diet.

After her extensive research that included reading lots of books, watching exercise videos, interviewing experts about weight building and of course searching on the internet she found her own way for the best training results. She even got so involved that she now has Certified Personal Trainer status and is back to her original size 8. But she has now a slim, strong and fit body instead of just being slim.

She created a training program especially for women who are in a similar situation as she was in and want a slimmer and fitter body (not a bulky one as seen in bodybuilding). You can find this training program at her website: and she is currently writing her own book on this subject.

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