Introducing Dr. Lloyd Jenkins, ND, PhD, EFT

The BUDWIG CENTER is owned and operated by
Dr. Lloyd Jenkins, ND, PhD, EFT.
He was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on August 15, 1950.The BUDWIG CENTER operates out of Malaga City in Southern Spain.

Lloyd Jenkins, completed his BA with Central University of Quito, Ecuador where he worked in the American Cotopaxi College in applied neuroscience. His Masters was completed with Warnborough University UK and his doctorate with St. Petersburg State University in health sciences. He graduated cum laude with a major in Cancer research to earn his PhD.
Lloyd Jenkins, ND is a Naturopathic doctor who has written two books on natural health and emotional well being and several articles for a local newspaper on complementary health subjects.

He has continued his studies and has certificates in massage, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Lymph drainage, Chromo therapy, Nutrition, PH Acid/Alkaline balancing, Bio-Electric therapy, and Orthomolecular Medicine. Since 2000, he’s been operating the BUDWIG CENTER as well as researching and educating people with a natural holistic approach to cancer and other general illnesses.

With a working knowledge of English, Spanish and French, Dr. Jenkins receives people from all over the world seeking holistic cancer therapies. The BUDWIG CENTER works in partnership with the BIOMEDIC CLINIC under the supervision of Dr. Marie Lopez. This partnership enables them to offer a comprehensive therapeutic program including local hyperthermia, Neuro therapy, Par-Magnetic as per Dr. Goez, IV’s and Papami Electro Magnetic sessions. In addition all patients receive a full understanding of the Dr. Johanna Budwig flaxseed oil and cottage cheese food program, detoxification, emotional healing, massage, saunas and nutritional support.

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