Introducing Dr. Sarah Myhill

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Dr Sarah Myhill was born and brought up in Hertfordshire and qualified from the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, London, with honours viva in 1981, since then she has been working continuously in NHS general and private practice. Sarah comes from a large family of doctors including her father, brother and grandfather, and her grandmother was one of the first lady doctors.

Dr Myhill was brought up with an analytical approach to medicine, which emphasised diagnosing the causes of disease rather than merely the prescription of drugs to treat the associated symptoms. This sparked her interest in a branch of medicine which looks for the root causes of disease and uses diet and nutritional supplements to treat those root causes. This branch of medicine is known as Ecological Medicine and in 1979 the British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM) was founded. It is made up of practising GPs and consultants with similar aims. Shortly after Dr Myhill qualified as a doctor in 1981 she joined this Society.

Between 1992 and 2009 she was the Honorary Meetings Secretary of the BSEM and for the latter ten years of her tenure was also the Honorary Secretary. During that time Dr Myhill organised biannual scientific conferences, a five day international conference at Oxford together with training days for other doctors – up to six days a year. She continues to lecture regularly at those sessions and indeed more widely. The BSEM has its own Special Interest Register and Sarah was one of the first doctors to qualify for this in 2004, a rigorous process which required both presenting long and short case histories and was also subject to audit.
Dr Myhill’s interest in this ecological approach has proven particularly helpful in the management and treatment of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), otherwise known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Today, Dr Myhill is a private doctor with a thriving practice in mid-Wales specialising in Allergy, Nutritional & Environmental (Ecological) Medicine. Dr Myhill also has a special interest in Chronic Fatigue Syndrom (CFS), organophosphate poisoning and uses the best of her traditional medical training combined with the latest techniques in Ecologic Medicine.
Dr Myhill always looks for the root cause of illness rather than use medication to suppress the symptoms of the illness.

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