Introducing John Kelsey

Therapist Qualifications
Postgraduate Diploma in Naturopathic Practice
Certificate in Counseling
Diploma in Nutrition
Diploma in Energy Field Therapy (Chi Kung Healing)

Device Qualifications
QXCI-SCIO (Advanced Instructor)
InterX Levels 1,2,3
Psychological Physiological Scan (PPS)

Trainer Qualifications
Advanced trainer SCIO-QXCI systems
Level 1 Trainer: InterX 5000 (Scenar system)

During the latter years of an engineering career John trained and worked 2 days per week as a Person Centered Counselor. Prior to age 50 John decided to have a second career and indulge a longstanding and continually developing interest in energy healing. The initial involvement in Chi Kung healing rapidly led to exposure to technology which was readily adopted. John’s initial involvement was with the SCIO-QXCI device for which he established comprehensive user manual and the platform which has been adopted for robust user training. He has been a key presenter and operated user training courses within the UK, Australia, USA, Canada and Europe.

In 2003 he became involved in the Scenar device, working closely with Dr Zulia Frost who is the prime technical expert for this in the West. John Kelsey is one of a small number of accredited level 1 trainers and has conducted trainings worldwide.

For 5 years he has explored and used other devices to see where the various technology fits in the health assessment and restoration process- to support what lifestyle may struggle to correct and to speed change.
For the last three years John has been contracted to build a comprehensive education processes for device based (energetic) medicine.

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