Introducing Roddy MacDonald founder of Water for Health

Like many other people working in the natural health sector I became interested and later involved through having to find solutions for my own health problems.
During the 1980’s while in my early 30’s I was debilitated with ME or chronic fatigue syndrome. This wasFounder of Water for Health in the early years of recognition of ME and it was still regarded by many as being ‘all in the mind’ or was referred to as yuppies disease. In fairness my medical doctors were supportive and did their best to help. However they really did not have anything to offer and I was increasingly told that I would have to live with it. At that time you were told that if you had suffered for more than 5 years with the disease your chances of ever recovering were slim.

Thankfully I did not buy into that thinking.

About 2002 I picked up a copy of the book ‘Ph Miracle’ by Microbiologist Robert Young. It immediately made sense to me. At that time I was involved in the environmental sector – primarily in industrial waste water treatment. When operating biological waste water treatment plants there are two parameters that are critically important, one is the ph level, the other is the oxygen concentration of the water. Consequently the ph Miracle book made sense to me. I realised that if ph and oxygen levels were critical for bacteria in a waste water treatment plant they must also be critical for us since we are biological systems. I then began researching the subject further and implementing further changes and appropriate supplementation. This again had a further beneficial impact on my health.

In 2006 I visited the main European water treatment technology exhibition looking for new technologies for my employer. On entering the exhibition I passed the Korean pavilion and I was asked by an exhibitor if I was interested in ‘antioxidant water’ I thought ‘What is he on about’. That night the penny dropped and the following day I visited all the companies from Korea who were offering alkaline antioxidant water technologies.

I evaluated a number of products, decided on one, brought in a small supply for testing and on the basis of my results handed in my notice and formed Water for Health Ltd. I was then able to work in the sector that I had become deeply interested in, natural health and wanted to share my findings with other people and show what was possible to help people maintain or regain health.

At Water for Health Ltd we gradually introduced other products to our range with the focus being on quality products which enhanced body acid alkaline balance.

Over the years changes in diet and lifestyle helped me to regain my health from chronic fatigue and poor immunity when I was told I would just need to learn to live with it. However alkalizing did help me in other ways also – in particular significant improvements in digestive health. My IBS problems are fortunately now history.

Drinking alkaline water and taking greens and a few key supplements
has become part of my daily routine. It serves me well in helping me keep functioning at a pace which would not have been possible 25 years ago.

My own experience has taught me that proper nutrition with a focus on proper body acid alkaline balance can pay enormous health dividends. I consistently hear from clients and contacts that have adopted these principles and have markedly improved their health and the quality of their lives. Some of these had life threatening health challenges.

I firmly believe that if you give a sick body what it needs the body will respond and heal itself. The crucial thing being to understand its needs and do what it takes to meet that need at every level.

Roddy MacDonald


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