Introduction to Affirmations & Visualizations

Most people experience feelings of inadequacy, and doubt their self worth, at some time in their lives.

Think about how you feel when you’re watching a really scary film. You’re tense, your jaw and fists are clenched, your heart is racing, you’re sweating and your mouth is dry. Your body is reacting physically to what you see and hear, and although you are not in any danger the power of your imagination is so strong that your body is tricked into believing that it is. But now think about how you might feel if you were watching a film on dolphins. You are much more likely to feel relaxed, happy and contented. So the messages we receive exert an effect on our state of mind. In the same way, if you continually tell yourself you are no good at something, it is likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. All these examples demonstrate the power of the mind.

Visualization and affirmations are techniques that work in a similar way and are used to help people overcome fear and pain, relax, increase their self-confidence, improve their sporting ability and trigger their body’s self-healing mechanism. By seeing yourself feeling confident and performing well in a job interview, or at a competitive sport, you can increase your chances of doing so in real life.