Introduction to Western Herbalism

Western herbal remedies can help to heal many chronic conditions which conventional drugs help only by relieving symptoms. They are gentle yet powerful healers that can help restore and rebalance both body and mind. They work with your body to promote its healing and, in most cases, have no side effects at all. The benefits of herbs result from the combination of many different active ingredients acting in harmony in each remedy.

Western Herbal medicines work by affecting the organs and systems of the body directly. They are said to have three functions: to cleanse, heal and nourish. Before the body can restore full health, it needs to get rid of chemical and other imbalances. Herbs can be used as diuretics and laxatives to help this re-balancing process. The next step is to use herbs to stimulate the body’s own self-healing powers and attack the cause of illness. Thirdly, herbs can nourish all the different systems and organs of the body.