Migraine – How an Acid Body Could Be The Cause

Having an acid body could, for some of us, be the cause of migraine.

What exactly does it mean and how do you correct this imbalance and use it in your migraine prevention plans?

Normally, when healthy, we have alkaline reserves in our tissues. However, when we do not have these reserves, our boWoman with Headache or Migrainedy will take alkaline minerals from our bones or muscles. The consequence is that your body is eating itself up, literally, from the inside. This creates the imbalance in your body’s PH level. Migraine prevention is, at this point, of no interest to your body anymore, survival has become the main priority!

The following effect is that your body has become to acid. It can’t get rid of the excess acid and, therefore, your body will defend itself by storing the excess acid in your tissues. It will be stored throughout your whole body, from your brain to your heart and in some cases; your body will even produce fat to store any excess acid.

How come having an acid body leads to migraine.

Well, the high acid levels in your tissues will lead to inflammation and irritation. Your body translates this into pain. For instance; migraine and joint pain caused by inflammation. Even the cause of osteoporosis has more to do with over acidity and magnesium deficiency than with a lack of calcium.

How to test your body’s PH balance?

There are special PH level test strips available to test your saliva or urine. It is best to test it with your urine because this gives you a more accurate reading than using saliva. Use your morning urine, let it flow for a couple of seconds and hold the paper in the urine stream. After 10-20 seconds, you can compare. By adding this (daily) check to your migraine prevention plan you have a better idea when you need to add more alkaline forming food into your diet.

Improving your PH balance and lose excess acid.

Now we know what an acid body does; the next vital question is how we correct this. Here are some steps you can take:

*Have a diet that has the right balance between acid and alkaline.acid alkaline balance front cover
You should strive for 70% – 80% alkaline forming foods and 30% – 20% acid forming foods because we do need some acidity in our body. See Roddy MacDonald’s book “Simple Steps to Optimum Health Through Body Acid Alkaline Balance” , for charts that tell you what food is alkaline and acid forming.
Some basics are: all dairy products, meats and fish, grains and grain products are acid forming; fruits and vegetables are alkaline forming.

*Alkaline Water
Start drinking alkaline ionized water to help neutralize and remove the acid toxins from your body. This water will hydrate your body much better than ordinary tap or bottled water. It also has antioxidant properties to help counteract harmful free radicals.

*Green Super Food
Green Super foods powders are extremely alkalising and nourishing for the body. Properly formulated they provide the body with dense nutrition to support the body systems and assist in promoting better PH balanced.

Negative emotions are toxic for your body such as anger, jealousy, and fear and especially stress. Stress, as most of us already know, has the biggest effect on your body. Stress can also be a key trigger for migraines, or any emotional trauma, for that matter.

*Mineral Spray
To get your body to function as optimal as possible, we need an extensive range of trace minerals. Unfortunately, our food chain is becoming more and more bereft of the nutrition we need for a healthy living. The best way of getting the minerals we need is by a Transdermal spray instead of supplements. This because the minerals will be much better absorbed through your skin than through your stomach.

Proper body acid alkaline balance leads to increased energy levels, improved immunity and a slowing down of the aging process. It leads to better uptake of nutrients from food and supplements, improved detoxification and better oxygenation of the body.

As with most ailments, for most of us, it never is just one cause, but several causes, and working on your PH balance could be extremely useful to implement in your migraine prevention plan.