Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a vitamin that dissolves in fat that comes in two ways:

  1. Retinol; this you’ll find in liver eggs, butter and cod-liver oil
  2. Beta-carotene; which our body turns into vitamin A whenever we need more of this.


Vitamin A is for years, considered a miracle cure for its effect on the immune system and growth. We need Vitamin A for a healthy skin and eyes and it is what makes us see in the dark.

Beta -carotene is an anti-oxidant.


Qualities of Vitamin A

  • Helps preventing cancer
  • Prevents and treats skin problems and the aging of skin
  • Improves the eyesight and prevents night-blindness
  • Improves the healing power of the body
  • Stimulates the growth of strong bones, hair, teeth, skin and gum
  • Helps with a thyroid gland that works to fast


Good sources

  • Retinol: cod-liver oil, liver, kidneys, eggs and dairy products
  • Beta carotene: carrots, tomatoes, watercress, broccoli, spinach, cantaloupe and apricots. You’ll find beta-carotene in every bright coloured fruit and vegetable.



  • The RDA is a minimum of 800 mcg. People with specific needs will require a higher dosage

(E.g. after being sick, if you have infections or when you have diabetes)

  • Pregnant women or women who want to get pregnant can’t take more than 6000 mcg
  • You can take a maximum daily dosage of 15 mg beta-carotene as a prevention against disease



Vitamin A can be harmful in the form of Retinol and it should not be taken as a supplement for pregnant women, because it can harm the unborn child.

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